Fall Fest 2017 CG Choirs debut performances


Sh'Boom performs "Swinging On Star" followed by a performance from Sound System.
During Sound System's costume change, freshman Glen Swaney performs "Where is Love".

Surround Sound & Accents

While Accent's sing their opening number "Vogue" freshman Abigail Johnson stands front-and-center for her first ever Fall Fest solo.
Director Jared Norman conducts Surround Sound during their ballad performance.


Senior Avery Drane dances during the Debtones performance.
Debtones sings during their first performance of the season. “I feel like the show went really well. We started our season off really strong," sophomore Elizabeth Boas said. "It set the tone for how we’re going to perform for the rest of the year."

Sound System

Sound System performed the Michael Jackson hit "Smooth Criminal" during their Fall Fest debut. “I thought it went really well, and it was a good chance for the new people to get a feel for what a show is like. It was a good screen play for the rest of the year,” senior Tyler Watson said.
Junior Subi Pandit of Sound System brings down the house with his solo in "Smooth Criminal."
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