CHDS Media Hub Portals April 2017

Content Prototypes

This area would be where we place the prototypes and products we create that serve a targeted educational purpose - I.e., Learning objective, target audience, etc. NOTE: Let's avoid using the words "studio", "production", or "service". Would it be possible to work this like the repository? Create inter-disciplinary keywords linking videos that could be linked together? The media here would reflect what we have strategically prioritized, so keywording here is going to be key (completely intended).

  • RDS 202 - Converted Shorts
  • Heuristics - You're your own worst enemy
  • Elements of a decision series - Objectives, values, beliefs.
  • Faculty course-centric supplementary materials
People and Pilots

This would be where the products that are more oriented towards the Center's staff and activities would live. Series like "Meet a decision scientist". These aren't targeted toward teaching specific skills, rather, more of establishing the context of the field (I.e., learning what Milt thinks the directions of the field is going to be in ten years, etc.) and current project updates (non media projects)

  • Dissemination pilot
  • Meet the decision scientist series
  • Interviews with visiting faculty/recordings of lectures by staff and faculty
Lessons Learned

Include tutorials, learning post-mortems. Products about the purpose of what we're doing, where we can share and synthesize what we're learning in the studio. This could be learning how to prepare media, storyboard, set-up equipment, it would be where we bundle our little lessons into bite-size chunks to send out to the world.

  • Tutorials of how to use teaching equipment (I.e., swivl, ProCreate, canvas?)
  • Guides for setting up a cheap studio (I.e., camera options, editing options, how do we scale this to a crowd?)
  • Teaching methods (I.e., drawing techniques, which modality to use workshop, learning post-mortems, pedagogy points.

Media Column 1................................. Media Column 2.................... Media Column 3

Behind the Scenes

This BTS page is opening our digital window to the public, so, without physically visiting, they can visit our digital community through this window. They can come along for the ride.

This would be our primary BTS page - where we would show how we are doing what we are doing. This page may overlap at times with "Content Prototype" page, but it is really geared toward a different experience for the user, therefore, I think it should be separate (for example, Sue might do an experimental lesson on operations research where she uses a new method, we discuss it, and post the whole thing to this page, while, if it turned out well enough, the final product (sans documentary) would appear on the Content prototypes page or the People and Partners page. This would be rolling through as well.

Note: this isn't a project update page, it's a window into the process, without any focus on the final product.

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