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April 2 | Scholarship Applications DUE. Info regarding scholarships can be found at

May 2 | 2018 season info released at

June 2 | Audition music available at

2018 SUMMER BAND | August 18-24, 2018

Saturday, August 18 | Opening Day

Includes Residence Hall Move-In, Marching Sessions and Music Sectionals

Sunday, August 19 | Audition Day

August 20-24 | Instructional Week

  • physical and music fitness
  • learn two shows and stand tunes
  • the Goin' Band Convocation dedicated to new members and seniors
  • several social events and guest speakers throughout the week

August 25 | Goin' Band Ultimate Section Challenge

August 27 | First Day of Classes

Established in 1925, the Goin' Band from Raiderland is a 400-plus member marching band with over 60 majors represented. Being the oldest and largest student organization on campus, we are proud to uphold the traditions of Texas Tech University while embracing an environment of innovation and creativity.

We exist to entertain, to inspire and to be excellent.

To Entertain

We pride ourselves in performing a different show each week for Red Raider football fans. With a mixture of traditional, classic rock, top 40, jazz and everything in between, Goin' Band exists to entertain.

To Inspire

We exist to inspire people to use their gifts to benefit others. Each year we perform for area high schools, band festivals and university events. Goin' Band also goes beyond the norm and donates its time and energy in promoting great foundations like Be The Match and Operation Turkey as a way to give back to the community.

...setting the standard from within.

To Be Excellent

Goin' Band strives for excellence on and off the field, by creating a culture of mutual respect, individual accountability and high performance achievement.


Founded in 1971, Zeta Iota Tau is a mock fraternal organization which comprises the members of the Texas Tech Drumline

ZIT members are selected based on percussive ability, demonstrated leadership capabilities, and overall excellence. Auditions are held every year on the Sunday before Summer Band. Every spot is up for grabs each year, with no guaranteed spots for returning members. Auditions are held in a trickle-down format in the following order: Snare, Tenor, Bass and Cymbals. Results will be announced immediately following the auditions for each section. If a prospective member does not make a particular instrument, they are encouraged to try out on another.

For additional information regarding the drumline, please click here:

Texas Tech Twirlers

Established in 1927, the Texas Tech Twirlers perform at football games, pep rallies, and other school functions. The twirlers also compete during the spring semester and the summer at regional, state, and national competitions.

Most recently named the 2015 National Collegiate Twirl Team Champions.


For additional information on the twirler line and feature twirler, click here:

I twirl on my haters.

Texas Tech Colorguard

The Texas Tech Colorguard brings a pop of color to the Goin' Band from Raiderland during the Texas Tech football games. In addition to Tech games, the Colorguard and band perform at high schools across Texas. Auditions typically occur in April.

For additional information regarding the Colorguard, click here:



1. Do I have to be a music major to participate?

No, 75% of our members are non-music majors with over 65 different majors represented in Goin’ Band.

2. Is Goin’ Band like high school?

Collegiate marching band at a major university level is different from high school. Not better and not worse, just different. Our rehearsals are fast paced, we play a lot of music and we perform at least four different shows in a season. You will learn students who are a part of our organization were leaders in high school so we have the best of the best contributing to our program.

3. How much rehearsal time is required?

Goin’ Band is an ensemble course. You can register for one or two hours depending on your preference. We rehearse 5 hours per week during our regular class time (MWF 12:00-12:50 PM and TTH 12:30-1:50 PM). If we have a home game, we have a stadium rehearsal on Thursday nights from 7-9:30p.

4. Can I do Engineering and band? Greek Life and band?

ABSOLUTELY YES! There has been a myth about the our engineering students being able to do band and required events for the College of Engineering a week prior to school starting (the same time as summer band). Likewise for our Greek students. We continue to have strong involvement of our Greek students in the band. We ALWAYS work with our students to ensure any opportunities they want to participate in are open to them. It will require organization and good communication on your part.

5. How much does it cost?

Beyond the registration cost to enroll in the marching band class, the following costs are associated with your participation:

A. $200-$225 for social dues, uniform cleanings and instrument usage.

B. $250-500 for required team gear/clothing. NOTE: this is a one-time cost for the duration of your participation in the marching band provided you take care of your gear/apparel.

6. Is specific apparel required?

Yes. We are uniformed in every way. Directions on purchasing our required apparel will be found in the information packet available on May 2nd.

7. Does everyone make the band?

Quality over quantity is how we operate. There is no limit on the number of students we accept, but all must successfully complete the music and marching audition at a proficient level to be a member of Goin’ Band. Auditions are held a week prior to the start of Fall semester (mid-August). If you do not make the band you will receive a full refund of your band fees and any required apparel purchased. NOTE: There is a limited number of drumline positions.

8. What about Drumline?

Our drumline is known as Z.I.T. (Zeta Iota Tau) and consists of 9-10 snares, 4-5 tenors, 6 basses and 7-8 cymbals. The drumline uses match grip and we do NOT have a front ensemble. Audition music will be available on June 2nd.

9. What about Color Guard?

Our Color Guard is instructed by Goin’ Band alumnus Amanda Knight. Contact Amanda Knight ( for further details. Auditions typically occur in April for the next season.

10. What scholarships or benefits are offered?

DEADLINE – APRIL 2 - A Goin’ Band Scholarship, sponsored by the Goin’ Band Association, is offered to non-music majors, which range from $250 to $1,000 for one semester. You must be accepted into TTU and enrolled in Goin’ Band by the first day of classes in order to receive the award. More information on the scholarship and how to apply can be found at

11. Do I need my own instrument?

Tubas, Baritones, Trombones, Mellophones and a limited number of Piccolos are issued through the band department. There is a $25 instrument-usage fee. ALL brass are on silver instruments. We do have additional silver trumpets, for rental as well. No other instruments are provided or available for rent.

12. May I audition on more than one instrument?

This is acceptable, however, we strongly encourage you to audition on your primary instrument.

13. How often do we travel?

The band usually travels to 1-3 away games, plus a bowl game depending on the success of the football team. The cost of travel is provided through the university.

14. What kind of shows do we do and how many?

The Goin’ Band performs 4-6 shows per season. Each year, the band performs a traditional show, consisting of military style marching and traditional tunes, as well a patriotic show. Other shows vary from year to year. You can view our latest shows at

15. Are there any leadership opportunities?

There are multiple leadership opportunities for the members of Goin’ Band:

• Drum Majors - two head drum majors and two assistant drum majors

• Section Leader – focuses on music sectionals and social activities for the section

• Visual Team – focuses on marching fundamentals and drill

• The Goin' Band Student Association | Officers – President, Vice-President, Social Chair, Treasurer, Athletic Band Librarians, the Media Team as well as several service positions like Uniform Managers, Loading Crew and Equipment Managers.

Receive additional information by filling out the Goin' Band Prospective Membership Interest Form here:

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