Copper and Silver Nitrate By: josie & Kiara


Cu + AgNO3 --> Cu(NO3)2 + Ag

Work shown

Balanced Equation

Cu + 2 AGNO3 = Cu(NO3)2 + 2 AG (Source 1)

Picture of reaction

Reaction Type

This reaction is known as copper and silver nitrate. This reaction is known as a chemical reaction. I know this because the wire or copper when placed in the liquid which is silver nitrate create a new substance which is like moss. This shows it is a chemical reaction because the appearance didn't just change the it created a whole new substance. (Source 2)

What is happening?

Well as you can see the copper wire is put in silver nitrate and as time goes on the potter soaks up the nitrate and grows bigger green moss like foam on the wire. The video attached shows a time lapse of the reaction and you can see the wire changing and creating a new substance. (Source 3)


This reaction is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic means that more bonds are formed than broken and that heat is emitted. I know that this reaction is exothermic because the heat rises and the energy level decreases which shows that bonds are being formed. (Source 4)

Acids and Bases

This reaction is made of acids. Many common compounds contain acids. This just means that it can react with metals and carbonates and also tastes sour. I know that this reaction is acids and not bases because it turned the blue litmus paper red when we tested it. Therefore showing the reaction contained acids. (Source 5)






(5) Science book pg 214-217

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