Vote Commey Aaron Commey for NYC Mayor 2017

Aaron Commey is running to be the Libertarian Party Candidate for NYC Mayor. Aaron Commey is intelligent, Resilient and a fighter for justice. Commey's passion for reform was born out of his own experience overcoming his own trials and tribulations with the Justice System and Mental Health Issues.

Aaron is an example of the American spirit that is ready to overcome any challenge and provide opportunities to those who seek it. If the people of NYC wants to elect a Mayor that understands the economic, political and legal struggle of everyday New Yorkers, then elect Aaron Commey as your next Mayor.

Aaron Commey's fortitude, passion and wisdom is informed by his own struggle. Aaron wears his experiences with pride as they have made him strong leader he is now. Aaron is a leader who cares about compassion and integrity. Hear him tell his story on this episode of the Lions of Liberty podcast.

The Commey Pledge

Aaron hopes to focus on making many changes for the people of New York and below are a few of them.

Criminal Justice Reform

A complete overhaul of the criminal justice system is long overdue and requires addressing the failings of this system at each stage of the process.


We need to address our motivation behind and approach to making and passing new legislation. We also need to conduct this analysis with allowing current laws to continue to exist. Laws should not be enacted to impose personal views of morality on others. This includes not expanding the war on drugs, not expanding prostitution laws, and not enacting new “sin taxes”. This also includes introducing legislation repealing current laws in the above areas.


We need to focus not only on accountability of police officers but limiting their negative interactions with the public by limiting the scope and reach of legislation. By curtailing legislation we can lessen the amount of adversarial encounters between civilians and officers. We must end intrusive policies like stop and frisk and place value on civil liberties of all New Yorkers.

Prosecution and Judiciary

We need to ensure that Government officials at all levels of the criminal justice system are adhering to statutory and constitutional law. We need to review and strengthen modes of accountability for prosecutors and judges in relation to all criminal defendants regardless of race and socio-economic status.


Education being critical to allowing people to build better lives for themselves requires us to honestly examine the shortcomings of today’s current system and seek to provide drastic improvements in quality and efficiency. In addition to allowing parents to have greater freedom over their children’s education I believe we need to do a better job of providing parents greater, more diverse and higher quality choices in education. I think a better alternative to providing free college for all is providing a better more fruitful education in basic education. If people are not able to provide for themselves without a college degree it requires us to examine and correct the deficiencies of primary and secondary education. One of the biggest changes I wish to introduce to New York City Public Schools is teaching basic principles of economics, business and entrepreneurship. Teaching the next generation of New Yorkers how to become financially independent will go a long way to lowering crime, reducing unemployment, and winning the war on poverty.

Economic Improvement

I believe true economic improvement to the lives of our most economically disadvantaged citizens is not as simple as raising the minimum wage and pretending that there will be no consequences as a result of this policy. Common sense will indicate that the biggest businesses will find ways to maintain or increase their profit margins which will include layoffs, price increases, hiring freezes, quality and quantity decreases, and increased workloads. Smaller businesses unable to absorb increased labor costs will be driven out of business resulting in job loss of their employees and hurting budding business owners.

The very first step in easing the burden on those who are not making a living wage is for the city government to stop contributing to that burden through taxation and developing a comprehensive plan to convince the State and Federal governments to follow suit. I also am a firm believer that strong unions are a critical component in securing better wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers and will vigorously fight any legislation designed to prohibit the unionization of workers and prohibiting union security agreements between unions and employers

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