Trilby Pheasant The Story, the Jouney, the path.

I Drew a Map

We are all born in the orchard. We all have a choice, do we eat the apple. This is your choice.

My map was a vision of an integrated public and private sector and community social enterprise. The main focus would be to equip our children with options in the local area.

I Didn't just draw a map.

After a childhood and career spent in and around architecture, building, design and furniture at a work and lifestyle level our drive has always been quality and practicality. Practicality lasts longer than aesthetics and this continues to interest us, along with the other key ingredient, quality. The aesthetics of these two ingredients when combined well is often beautiful.

We had spent our lives in the city dipping our toes in the countryside after spending our early years doing the opposite. Children, life and not being immune to moving we decided that the countryside was calling and we were not wrong although something for us was missing…. The practicality was missing, the ability to source things, we didn't have the convenience of the city. We noticed that it would be great if we didn't have to dip those toes quite so often in the city and that perhaps our once thriving communities could shine again.

It Started with Photographs

Where is that?
I built a bunch of websites for our ideas


By the way I'm simon.

Gallery Fifteen

A Place for Artists created by Artists

Trilby Pheasant

Between us a lot to share.

The Game Bird

The idea/s were born in 2013/2014 while we were living as a family in the grounds of a wonderful shooting estate called Golden Grove. On a cold misty morning during the shoot season we were leaving the estate and conversation became interesting after it was noticed that the pheasants look like white collar workers running for the train in the city……the only thing missing was the trilby.

Not for long.
Soul searching at St Elmo's Summerhouse

We decided to put on an exhibition which would be put together to showcase how we saw the ideas working, how the many parts could become a greater whole.

This exhibition was held at Golden Grove Estate in the lambing shed which added something truly different with antique furniture and straw on the floor to add a unique ambiance. The exhibition was over two days with dinner and drinks on the friday evening launch, cake, sandwiches and refreshments on the other days with all proceeds going to my chosen charity MacMillan Cancer Support.

The Lambing Shed

Strictly no smoking.
Wales- My Journey

The exhibition took you on my journey through Wales starting where I reside now taking you back to where I first crossed the border of Wales from England after leaving London.

First evening in the Lambing Shed

The Journey had Started

We had launched the ideas into the public domain, now we had some decisions to make.

We made a choice to move.

The pheasants went in search of trilby hats and found the perfect place. Hawarden. This village seemed to be perfect with its location and history. It was a perfect match with our strap line

Where city & country come together, work together and create a new way

We had found the hats and now the ideas would realise themselves on the highway of Hawarden which is a village in the county of Flintshire, it is well known for its castle and also has a monument and library named after former Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone who once lived in the castle. Hawarden is our country then Chester is our city.

We found a premises

A new paint job did wonders
The fire added a warm touch
We searched high and low to find products that would compliment our ideas and vision for the future.
London light festival

After many trade shows, discussions and feeling overloaded with inspirational products from likeminded companies we also realised that we were not alone on this journey.

It was beginning to take shape

Products were arriving, the shelves were filling furniture was being moved this way and that (this will always be). We opened the doors in March 2016 and we still haven't stopped looking or moving!

Built around family
Anchors up
New looks
It took shape
Delight in every corner

Pigeon Pot Moon.

Do something different

Trilby Pheasant is a company that encapsulates everything that is good about life. It attempts, for individuals, to recognise what they enjoy, what is fun and what is really important to them. It is a business that makes you feel good. Like your favourite hobby, it has an energy that attracts individuals to it.

Trilby Pheasant is a business that sponsors the growth of others through the, products, and pieces of work that they wish to, therefore, promote and sell within the wider world. It is a company that brings out the inner self of individuals. Which is what it is all about.

Trilby Pheasant’s product range starts small and then grows. It grows through the individuals that it meets and the individuals that want to be part of this. It is different – it is not a mass commercial “what products are they - get them on the net and sell”, it is a real sense of belonging that can only come from individual’s commitment to themselves, to bringing something forward as a piece of work and then to go through a process where Trilby and the pheasants can understand if that product wants to be marketed and if that is something that they would really like to happen.

Sounds a bit far out? No.

It is because if you have a corporate job or if you are currently out of work and lost your way, there is a talent within every one of us and most of us want to try something very different. Trilby Pheasant says “have a go”, “here is a platform” and “here is a way to do it”. “Here is a group of people who are prepared to sponsor you” and finally, “what have you got to lose?”.

So we are inviting people to be part of this, inviting people to get out of their seats and walk away from their desks and see – see what is next. See what they would want to do. Most people have a hobby – a lot of the time it is creative, they do it for themselves, they hide away in sheds, in galleries, in workshops and they tell themselves sometimes “when I’ve got more time”, “when the children have grown up”, “when I’m retired” – “I’m going to do something with this”. Stop – Trilby Pheasant says “the time is now”.

As Trilby Pheasant continues to grow, there is a much larger idea. From Trilby Pheasant grows a school house.

Each and every arm of the school house provides education back into the community. Potentially, it will be set up as a social enterprise (although initially, Trilby Pheasant will be set up as a Limited Company). The school house will continue to grow the values in alignment with those of Trilby Pheasant. Values of fun, hope, inspiration, integrity and business ethic. At the core of the personality of Trilby Pheasant and the school house is reinvention. It is back to the next chance, the next opportunity. It is about getting on. It is about history, connecting with the future. It is about never forgetting your roots and values, but absolutely understanding how you maximise your success in the future. The school house offers a gallery for the creatives, a laboratory for the chemists and scientists, a place to eat, a place to learn, a place to stay. It is both a virtual environment and a physical environment. A garden for those keen individuals who may potentially want to come out of corporate life and spend a day learning about gardening.

These are new eyes...
Currently seeking magicians
Created By
Simon Doughty

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