How to build my bridge By clair moore


  1. 293 pop sickle sticks
  2. 1 small bottle of elmers glue
  3. 3 empty water bottles
  4. 4 cut up rubber bands
  5. 10 paper clips
  6. 2 rubber bands
  7. Old newspaper


  1. Get newspaper lay it down flat over all the table
  2. Get your supplies out, glue and grab around 30 pop sickle sticks
  3. Unscrew the bottle of glue, take ur pop sickle stick and dunk 1/8 of it in the glue
  4. take two sticks, place one flat on the ground and one on top of it, half way off ( first picture at the bottom shows how it's supposed to look)
  5. Take the glue on your stick and spread where glue is needed
  6. Put another stick over those, like a sandwich to secure it, make sure to secure it with the glue, repeating the same step as before
  7. Add another stick on the half of the middle one that was not used and glue down
  8. Repeat these steps until stick is 32" inches in length
  9. Make four of these bases
  10. When completely dry * take another hand full of popsicle sticks
  11. Take 2 of your bases and place them parallel of each other, about a popstick length away from each other
  12. Place 2 sticks right beside each other- put on the edges of the bases you have set out ( 2 picture shown at the bottom)
  13. Take another 1/8 of glue and spread where nessasary ( grab more each time)
  14. Place each pair into a triangle figure, place all through the base until you can't put anymore( picture 2 shows how the sides are supposed to look)
  15. Make sure your triangles are all even( to make sure put a popsicle stick (use 1/8 glue again) and glue on the opening of the triangle to make the perfect length)
  16. Repeat these same exact steps once more for another side


  1. Grab both your dry* sides you built
  2. Grab 3 empty water bottles
  3. Place the sides up right, and put the water bottles evenly inside the two sides
  4. Get 2 rubber bands and put around the two sides to secure it in place (shown on picture 2)
  5. After you secure the bands in place, start by adding more glue and place 8 X shapes A on the top of your bridge
  6. Some will not stick down all the way, cut a rubber band in half, and tie around the bridge the place that needs to be secure. --- repeat as needed
  7. Place 7 popsicles next to each other, then glue 2 popsicle sticks
  8. Repeat step 7
  9. Adding along the top, make two bases (steps 7&8) so the bridge can lay evenly on the table
  10. Place 10 popsicle sticks right next to each other , take two popsicle sticks and glue them on the top and the bottom to be secure
  11. Repeat step 10
  12. After it is dry, glue those two bases to the top, by adding another stick on the side for it to be glued to
  13. See picture 2 to base off of


  1. Get another handful of popsicle sticks
  2. Along with getting popsicle sticks, get the rest of your supplies (dry* bridge so far, glue)
  3. Place your structure where the bottom is up
  4. Place 8 sticks straight up and down along the structure- equally spaced apart- make sure to grab more glue each time needed
  5. When dry* place 2 sticks (use glue) into a triangular shape over the straight stick, shown in picture 1
  6. Lastly, place a stick vertical over every triangle shape you have made


Created with images by ardee4 - "Alma-Omega Road Bridge"

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