Zeus By: Maddox Hiatt

Zeus was the god of the sky and the ruler of Olympian Gods. He was fighting his brothers to see who could take his dad er onus's spot. Later on he won and took his dads spot. His brothers were Poseidon and Hades.

Zeus was married to Hera. His weapon was thunderbolt that was mainly fired at liars or oath breakers. Zeus was brave, smart, and fearless. He is this because when it came time to fight he would risk his life for his family and knew what to do all of the time. He also was not afraid to die.

Zeus valued his weapon and the power to make the sky do whatever he wanted.

Zeus shows characteristics that not many gods show as good as he does such as braveness and smartness. He shows braveness by not being afraid of anything and smartness by knowing what to do when its time to fight.


Created with images by nickgesell - "thunderstorm flash crane" • Kristie's NaturesPortraits - "Zues in bronze" • wgreenephoto - "Lightning Grips the Sky" • andreymlanhi - "sky thunderstorm storm"

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