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What is the difference beetween limited and unlisted government

Limited government limits the ruler's power and unlimited government is not. America is a limited government and has separation of power. Separation of power is where there are three branches Separation of power is there so not one person has too much power. In a unlimited government like(nazi germany)people aren’t there (people from the three branches) to stop the person's ideas and laws. People usually don’t have any say and no power. It’s definitely better to have limited government because then the leader doesn't have too much power.

What makes a good citizens

To be a great citizen means having responsibilities. Responsibilities are being a part of a community and doing part for the government. One way of doing that is to vote. Another responsibility is to pay taxes.Being a good citizen is to know you have rights. Some rights are owning one and having freedom of speech. Good citizen have these and use them. A good citizen is standing up for you and others. Saying what one believes in is what a good citizen does.

To stay alive, people have to adapt to a desert region. One way to adapt is to live by an oasis. Living by an oasis offers many advantages. People need to drink water to survive and the oasis gives them that water source. People also need to eat to survive. There are two ways to do that. One way to do that is to farm. With an oasis nearby people can water plants they can use for food. A second way to get food is from different plant foods like the date palm, which grow in the desert. People shouldn’t overeat the date palm because doing so will contribute to desert deforestation, so they should eat them sparingly. People also adapt by wearing light, thin, long-sleeved clothing. This type of clothing has many features. The clothing keeps them cool and helps prevent sunburns and the white color repels the sun from the people, keeping them cooler. People adapt to such hot and dry climates by using methods for survival passed down from generations.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource like crude oil can affect a region in a negative way. Oil is a valuable resource that can start a war. For example, Iraq was being greedy and invaded Kuwait to steal their oil to have more power and money. The Iraqi Military lit Kuwait's oil wells on fire and they had a war for a couple weeks. Also, using the valuable resource as the only way to make money for the country can be bad. For example, Yemen relies on selling on, but they don't have that much oil. If there is a shortage of oil then Yemen will lose it's revenue. Also if another country, like the United Stattes, is counting on buying oil from that place they won't get as much oil affecting them too. Having a valuable resource can have negative effects. A valuable resource like oil can really hurt a country when people want it or they don't use it wisely.


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