Our target audience is university students and more specifically at Cyprus University of Technology. The ages of our target group are 18 to 28 and most of them are Greek Cypriots of any gender. They are people who care about their education and want to absorb academic knowledge through every way possible and more specifically through books. Most of them are not financially independent because they are not working yet in order to focus on their studies so they are provided by their parents. Subsequently, they can't afford to buy expensive academic books. They come from different academic disciplines and different academic years at the university. The majority of the students live near the university in Limassol. Usually you are going to see them studying in a library during the exams period. Finally, most of them use computers for their studies but in reality they prefer books in order to take notes and they are easier to carry around.


The problem is that a lot students need specific books every year for many classes and in different disciplines. Those books have already been bought the previous years by other students and stay in perfect condition so they can be reused, but they don’t. The books are really expensive and, as we have mentioned, students are not financially independent so they can’t afford to buy them. Also, some of those books either don’t come in bookstores in Cyprus or they are in limited availability and it is difficult to find them. More specifically, because of the limited availability students tend to make online orders to get them. That leads in even more problems such as more shipping expenses and more waiting time until the delivery. In addition, all those books already bought are useless for some of them and they even throw them away after they use them. That leads to excessive waste because the books are not recycled.


Rebooks team


  1. Facebook Page: We aim to create a facebook page where the announcements and promotions about our service will be published.
  2. Application: Develop an application where the users of our service can interfere.
  3. Book Bazar: Create an event in the center of the university where the books will be displayed and the students will be able to borrow.
  4. Book Recycle Box: Place a box in the library of the university where students can place used books and others can take them.
  5. Library shelve: Place the books in a shelve in the library and students will be able to borrow them.
  6. Rewards: We will make collaborations with near stores and restaurants so the users that return their books will be rewarded and more motivated to return their books.
  7. Book Trolley: We will have a trolley that goes around in the university in order to place used books and the interest parties can take them.
  8. Flyers and Newspapers: Promote our service through flyers that will be placed around the university and in newspapers as well.

Final Idea

The final idea we chose is to combine the Facebook page and a book bazar to inform the students that our service started and in the long – term with the book shelve and book box in the library of the university.



"Construction and placement of the box



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