World War One Spark By Nick Michaud

The Causes

  • The assination of Franz Ferdinand the arch duke of Austria it guaranteed a Great War because Europe was already a powder keg ready to explode
  • Another factor that lead is militarism which built up intensity between countries because countries like France were doubling there armies
  • Nationalism is a nother factor that lead to WW1 the encouragement from European countries to there people to be very patriotic about there country and think less of other countries around them thus creating tension.

The causes of the U.S entering WW1

  • One reason for the U.S entering the war is Germany violation of a pledge of unrestricted submbarine movemen and witch angered Woodrow Wilson that was called the Zimmerman telegram.
  • Another reason for the us entering the war is Germany trying to have Mexico attack the S. by enticing Mexico with a treaty that has them work against us

Profile of American soldiers

  • A Doughboy was a term given to American soldiers by there allies which it describes the typical American soldiers or the average soldier who is white short hair 5'8" and very naive at first

Battle Summary of Verdun

  • Fought from21 Feb to December of 1916 it took place in Verdun ser Meuse in france it was a battle between French troops and German troops each on the other side of each other. The Germans had a tactic to wait for the French to make a move and they would attack but the French had a superior strategy and gained back land.

Home front

During the First World War many of the men that were working for factories or places related to that so to save American economy the women of America decided to step up and take the jobs of the drafted men while they were away. Also similar to al the women stepping up for white males leaving for war the African Americans also stood up to take over the empty positions and with the African American. Not only the women were encouraged to work in men place they also encouraged men that stayed behind to go even if they did not want to.

Outcome of WWI

The outcome of the infamous World War One came down to the winner being the Great five powers winning consisting of the U.K., United States, France ,Italy and Japan. To address the causes of the war and to point out the secret treaties that were going on and also seen as a starting point that lead to the treaty of Versailles it left a huge impact on the U.S. realations with the war. At the end of the war many of the winning countries decided to punish Germany which is understandable but seems a little juvenile by proposing that Germany pays for the war and that they get there naval force taken away.


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