Sitting in the Fire fast for reflection, healing and rebirth

reflection 13

María Dorvil: I want us all to be free

I’m Dominican, I’ve lived in Philadelphia the past 30 years, and I work as an assistant nurse. I have six children, all of them adult.

I’m a hundred percent Catholic, and beside my “prayer house” [in my home], I go to Mass at Holy Innocents, where I’ll work at anything need. From cleaning the church ... really any task that serves the Lord.

I’ve been involved with New Sanctuary Movement for many years, and I’ve participated in every one of their fast, from the first.

During this campaign it is my intention to fast all 40 days. I take my medicines with a glass of water in the morning, then after that I only have juice until 1 p.m. Sometimes I keep fasting until 3.

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While we fast we reflect, from 11 until 1, before the Blessed Sacrament, we pray the Blood of Christ rosary and a rosary to the Holy Spirit.

We pray so that there is change in the immigration policy of this country. That is the objective.

I’m hoping for a total change [in immigration policy], so that people can feel free. Right now they are burdened by fear and terror. When you are terrified your brain doesn’t function properly. I want us all to be free so we can share the gifts we have been given.

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