Physics Pumpkin Drop 2021

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, CHS Physics gathered to participate in its annual “Pumpkin Drop.” Students dropped a giant pumpkin from the roof as other students on the ground watched and studied its fall.

Physics students gather around and prepare for the pumpkin drop. The pumpkin was dropped from 45 feet: Photo by Sebastian Oliva.
Misha Castilla, a 12th grader at Community, gets ready to drop the pumpkin from the roof. Photo by Sebastian Oliva (left), Mia Goldstein (right).

Physics at Community is unlike any other class at other high schools. Students learn some lessons at home and then enter the classroom with questions. For senior Madison Bell, the class structure has allowed her to work at her own pace and made physics easier. Although it was an adjustment, she enjoys physics with teacher Jonathan Thomas-Palmer.

“It was a weird adjustment,” Bell said. “Because I’ve had the normal three years of FOS education here, and then coming into physics, and he’s [Jonathan Thomas-Palmer] like, ‘Yeah, no, we’re not gonna lecture at all. You’re going to do it all by yourself.’ It kind of felt like a type of responsibility on me trying to figure out how I can pace myself and get all my work done while still getting a good grade. And it was just an adjustment, but I really like the class.”