Anna's HSJI adventure By: Jada Luna

Teacher discusses with students how to accomplish their goals and create new story ideas. She has been attending the program since her freshman year of high school. "it's been fun and has made me more excited for my upcoming school year."
Anna is working on her editorial on Larry Nassar. Anna attended a lecture with the publishers of the Larry Nassar story the previous day. "This is definitely a heavier topic but I'm happy I'm being thrown into this."
She walks with friends to her next class. She met two new friends from her leadership class ever since attending the program. "I've been casually talking to everyone and hanging out with these two lovelies."
Anna makes last finishing touches to her editorial before it is due. She has become more interested in journalism and what IU has to offer. " Definitely looking at coming here for journalism and business."
She has a better idea of what she should be doing with her paper. A lecture was held on how to work with administrative staff and build relationships, in which she attended. " I thought it was really cool and i would have never had the chance to hear them if I wasn't here."

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