Florida by Valere Grivault

Florida is sunny and rainy because it is tropical and close to the equator .

( A drought is a amount of time when no rain is coming) .

A drought affects Florida by affecting agriculture fish and plants .

Thunderstorms impacts Florida's roads, houses and weather.

A peninsula is a piece of land project in water by three sides.

A hurricane will affect Florida by stoping power destroys environments and habitats .

The peninsula from the ice age ( after ice age) make Florida 3 times bigger and makes most of our lakes now.

Florida is only a little above sea level the elevation is a bit less than 100 under sea level

A barrier island is like a fence that prevent obstacle and movement of the ocean.

Barrier island are important because it is protecting us from the wind and ocean waves and store the power of a hurricane.

Wetland are important because they absorbers rain to refill water supplies .

Most of Florida lakes are form by rain when Earth sink.

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean are important because it is gathering sea food for us.

Lumber is important because it is providing tools boats shelter weapons.

Phosphorus is important because it is making energy adenosine organic compound is make with it also.

Limestone is important because it is used to build material purify iron and manufacture of glass.

Oil is important because it is making plastic and fuel.

Renewable recourse

Water is a renewable resource. Renewable resources can be used more than one time and replenished.


Created with images by Spencer Harris Photography - "Florida sunset" • jwright4701 - "florida sunset" • Albert_Jan_Kenzi - "drought desert sand" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "GOES-13 Satellite Sees a Giant Apostrophe from Strong Eastern U.S. Low Pressure" • dno1967b - "untitled image" • Mariamichelle - "storm ocean hurricane" • dsearls - "2007_11_04_lhr-den_113.JPG" • Jim Sorbie - "DSC_0020" • Sarah_Ackerman - "Amazing Great Barrier Reef" • Sarah_Ackerman - "Amazing Great Barrier Reef" • andyarthur - "Wetlands" • Kyla Duhamel - "Como Lake Park *" • sagesolar - "The freckled man who goes to sea" • Pexels - "abstract bark cut" • James St. John - "Travertine speleothem (flowstone-covered dripstone) (Hatchet Bay Cave, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas) 3" • James St. John - "Agate 3" • placestudies - "Oil Well" • CeresB - "Water"

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