Pre-Ballet Classes Offered at Smith Homes

Art and creative expression have been shown through numerous studies to foster essential skills for youth that last long past childhood. Children who are engaged with their imaginations, are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement in the future and have enhanced cognitive, motor, and social development.

After having considerable success with several plays and performances, the Greensboro Housing Authority (GHA) has provided a new opportunity for the performing arts. Thursdays at Smith Homes Community Center has become a time for some of the youngest GHA residents, ages 2 to 4, to start learning the art of movement and dance in pre-ballet classes.

Through a partnership with Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet, this program is designed to encourage youth to follow their dreams through dance. This 30-minute class lasts for ten weeks, starting in March and continuing through May of 2019.

The objectives of these classes are to ignite each child’s imagination, develop motor skills, promote overall health, and build self-esteem. Further, through engaging with their imaginations, continued exposure to the creative arts can help improve social and academic skills. These dance classes also seek to provide participants with an understanding of movement and musicality to foster a child’s creativity and introduce the concept of spatial awareness, creating a foundation of fundamentals that can be built upon for years to come.

This opportunity is free and open to all youth, ages 2 to 4, living in GHA. Space is still available but must register in advance. If interested, contact Sabrina Abney at 303-3003.

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