Moose BY Jason Velez

My animal is a moose,the moose is a mammal.The moose color is brown fur his height is 5ft - 6-5ft,his weight is 1,800 lbs. His body is the largest of the deer species,antlers are 6ft . from end to end,have long faces.deers are part of the moose family.

Did you know that moose only eat plants,moose eat higher grasses and shrubs, pinecones. They use their hooves to clear the snow to look for food. They eat 34-73 lbs of food a day.

They need colder climates because they can’t sweat.

Moose hair is hollow which helps them keep warm Their front legs are longer than the back so that it can jump over things their hooves are like snow shoes.

Moose has predators because few animals have the ability to kill it.Wolves and bears prey on newborns and sick moose.It uses its front feet and hind one as weapons They use their antlers for fighting.

Moose are good swimmers.Also called an elk.Their antlers can weigh up to 40 lbs. Moose like to be alone.


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