Pennsylvania Gordon Campbell

Table of Contents :)
chapter 1 Chocolate wonders :)
chapter 2 Whats happen in Indanna P.A
Chapter 3 The hilly Land
chapter 4 The Elochon

Choactate Wonders

Hearshey choaclatate is the most fames! choalate in P.A. The choaclate is made out of coco beans they add stuff like caramle! in some of it. In additon they add a liquid called choalate liquer . In the Giant senter theres a ride thats a tore and it shows you how its made.

Hershey's chocolate

Whats Happen in Indanna P.A.

Most importantly it is said as the xmas tree capetle . When you go outside at night its quit at morning its loud . In fact there were 50% of slavery back then theres lots of trees . If you ever go there not many people live there.

The Hilly Land

Have you went to ridge and valley ! There are long streaches of hills and land. There can also be mountens . Don't forget about cities . There are also lots of trees.

photo of ridge and valley

The Election

There was a election there were 4 canadits . Hillery clinton is a demacrat . Is a family of 3 . A happy day and a sad day for many people Trump defed her.


coco 1 is were choclate is made from.

xmas 1 christmas

slavery 1 working for someone

Elchon 1 when people vote for you to do something

Democrat 1 when you believe someone els dose not believe


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