My Goals By: Landon


In one year, I will be getting my permit, first job, rent a car, and trying to get A's in all my classes. I will need to get a's in all my clsses to keep my GPA high to get an advanced diploma and have a better chance at getting a scholarship from a college. I will be getting a job over the summer to help with gas and for experience. I will need to get my permit so I can get to and from work. I will my car to, well, get to and from work.


In three years, I will be trying to find a job as a medical assistant, go to community college, find an apartment, and buy a car. After high school graduation, I will look for a job as a medical assistant at a hospital for a steady income before entering community college. After a year, I will start community college. I will take my core classes there and try to find an apartment near by so I won't have to travel far; and once I buy a car, I will have more money to find a better quality apartment and start saving for a house.


In 5 years, I will continue to be a medical assistant, switch to a state college, move to California, and get a small house. I will continue to be a medical assistant so that I can have lots of experience before entering an important role in a hospital. I will move to California and get a small house because I believe there will be lots of job opportunities there. I will switch to a state college because I would probably have completed my core classes in community college and start working into my wanted career profession.


In 10 years, I will be married to a nice, smart man, get a new job as a physician assistant, have my bachelors degree in osteopathy(O.D.) and be going for my Master's and Doctoral degree, and have a house near the ocean. I will get a job as a physician assistant because it will give experience for my lifetime job of being an anesthesiologist. I will want a house near the ocean because I think that it would be nice and my husband would probably love it too.

Created By
Landon Saunders


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