Who would be the audience for our media product?

We decided that the target audience for our film should be people aged 14-30. This sample of people who we are aiming the films towards would be of all ethnicities, classes and regional identities and would enjoy horror.

To be able to correctly identify our target audience for our film, I created a survey and sent it out for people to fill out. The results showed what the majority of people preferred in their horror films and themes throughout.

The reason we chose to have our age group as 14-30 is because through research, our own and others, we have found that the majority have said for this to be the most popular audience for horror films. We had put the age up to 30 as we have included children and the idea of a child's death in our sequence. People aged 30 may have children or may have suffered with a child's death. This means that they could relate to our film more.

We had also made the target age group to be from 14 as our certificate was rated age 12. However most 12 year olds may not want to view a horror film as they might not want to be scared; which is our main intention for our film.

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