My family background is Irish-Canadian and French-Canadian. My grandmother's great great grandparents came to Red Island, Newfoundland in 1710 from Ireland during the potato famine. My grandfather's great great parents came to Cape Breton, 1706 from France. My grandfather's father married a Micmac (Native Canadian Indian) in Newfoundland and had my grandfather.


Sports are a huge part of the Canadian culture. Lacrosse is the national summer sport, and hockey is the national winter sport. Hockey was invented in Canada in the 1800s, and basketball was invented by Canadian Dr. Naismith in 1891.

Canada has many of the same holidays America does, but there are still some that they celebrate that we don't. for example; Victoria Day is on May 24 and celebrates Queen Victoria of Canada. Winterlude is a holiday celebrating Canada's cold and snowy weather and typically runs from February 2 to 19. During Winterlude, many people come to this big festival held in Ottowa-Gatineau for sledding, skiing, and many other winter sports.

Victoria Day (left) Winterlude 2016 (right)

Canadian music isn't any different from the United State's music. But as you go further North in Canada, the music does become more folk, and tribal due to the Native Canadian Tribes that live in that region.

This is just a short video understanding the Canadian Culture according to other Canadians.


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