Pet Rock By Erik and cameron

About the business

  • Developed in 1975
  • Started by Gary Dahl
  • Got the idea when he heard about his friends complain complain about their pets
  • Rocks don't need to be fed, bathed, walked, wouldn't become sick, and die.

How it's doing

  • Each pet rock sold for $3.95
  • Gary Dahl, the inventor, made $15 million from the business.
  • Around 1.5 million pet rocks were sold
  • The company is still around today.
  • In 2009, Martin Abrams bought the rights to the Pet Rock, but it never regained its original notoriety.

How it's marketed

  • Introduced at the August gift show in San Francisco
  • Neiman-Marcus ordered 500 of them.
  • Most of the rocks were sold during the 1975 Christmas season.
  • There was a commercial aired in 1976.

Would we invest?

We would invest in this company today because we see potential to bring it back. The parents of today's kids had these when they were children, so we feel that they would buy them for their kids. We would also invest money to be used for advertising and remodeling it.

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