1st year job (Vans)... I would like to work at vans as my first job.One reason is i really liked the shoes and i also want to make my owen money.
high school diploma by 2 years.... i want to be done with school.it will also help me with the carreer i would like to be in.i also want to inspire my little brother to be good in school.
By three years ...i would like to buy my every first dog (pit bull).one reason why i wanted i pit bull is because when i was little i got attacked by a dog (boxer) and my cousion's pit bull came to save me from that dog attack.
4 years car (mitsubishi evo)... I want to buy my first car (Mitsubishi Evo).I've always wanted to have my car so i could drop off my little brother to school and see my little brother going to school.
5 years Paintball field...BY five years i would like to open my owen paintball field.one reason why is the first time i played paintball i really injoyed it. i want others to have a great time playing paitball
6 years (House)...by six years i want to have my every first house.i want a big house because i also want my parents at my home since they have always been there for me.
7 years...I want to travel the first place i would want to go to is hawaii. my sister and i are planing to go to hawaii with the whole family so we have a great time and relax.
8 years... I would like to visit paris. one reason is that I would like to go see the Eiffel tower in paris especially when its night because there's lights and looks amazing.
9years...i want to have my first chilled.i want my kids to have a better life then what i had.want them to live in a house and get anything they want if possible i also love spending time with kids.
10 YEAR'S...for my second car i would want to have a new corvette.i only want this car if we go out somewhere nice like los veges california.


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