Spatial Inequality By Isaac jenkins

Why is life not fair, or is it fair?

What do you think?

You may think life is fair, but you are wrong. You may think it is but think about it. People all over the world have little or nothing that you have. Think about all the things you have. You have homes, food, fresh running water, plumbing, cars, families, electronics, and much more. When people all over have none of those things. In other countries they have little or no freedom. But we have lots of freedom. Some people have little or no land, but you can have lots of land. The reasons why they don't have those things is because where they live, spacial inequality, and standard of living.

What is standard of living?

Standard of living is the level of wealth and comfort in an area. So all the things like income, employment, class disparity, poverty rate, education, health care, environment, and life expectancy all are part of standard of living.

What is spatial inequality?

Spacial inequality is mainly unequal portions of goods, services, and resources. One example is one part of a city is very wealthy, when the other parts have no plumbing so they have raw sewage on the streets. Another example is some may have access to health care when others don't.

Why does spacial inequality exist in urban areas?

Spacial inequality exists in urban areas because resources such as education, grocery stores with fresh produce, police forces, and better access to jobs is distributed. In this way resources are unevenly divided within cities between high and low economic areas.


Why isn't life fair? Life is not fair because poor people are not able to get wealthy. The reasons why they are not wealthy is spatial inequality and low standard of living. It is very sad how kids live with flies and eating garbage.


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