April News Briefs A look into the biggest news stories out of the City of Dexter over the past few months

Construction Ramps Up on Border to Border

Construction is underway on major sections of the Border-to-Border Trail (B2B). As it stands, the B2B is a group of three separate trails; one running from Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti, one running from Hudson Mills Metropark to Dexter-Huron Metropark, and one running within the Waterloo and Pinckney Recreation Area. However, for years there have been plans to expand the trails, add more distance, and make them into one unified trail. Construction on these planned expansions has greatly ramped up over the last few months. Currently, there is work being done to connect Dexter and Ann Arbor, starting with a trail running from Dexter-Huron Metropark to Zeeb Road, and to connect Dexter and Chelsea, starting with a trail running from Freer Road to Lima Center Road. Both of these projects are due to be complete later this year.

B2B Construction - By the Numbers

Here are some numbers behind the construction of the upcoming expansions to the Border-to-Border trail.

40 Miles

The length of existing trails within the Border-to-Border network, including trails connecting Husdon Mills and Dexter-Huron Metroparks in Dexter.

70 Miles

Final length of the trail when all expansions are finished. This final trail will be made of one large loop, the Huron Waterloo Pathway, and one long trail, the Huron River Greenway.

7 Cities

The number of cities and towns that the final B2B will connect, those being Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Pinckney, and Stockbridge.

Busch's to Install Self-Checkout Aisles

Ever since Country Market closed its doors last November, Dexter’s only remaining grocery store has been going strong - almost too strong. More people now than ever before are shopping at Busch’s, and it’s making things busy. Lines and wait times have gotten longer. To ease this, Busch’s has not only hired more staff, but is also in the process of installing self-checkout aisles. In total, there will be four self-checkout aisles installed. Plans have been in motion to install them for a long time now; however, the increased traffic has sped up the process. Customers can expect to see these aisles up and running within the next month.

“I do believe the self-checkout line will help - it will help people go in and out of the store quickly when they need only a few items.” - Nathan McConnell, Busch's worker

Dexter Parents Call for Safer Crosswalks

After much public pressure, especially from parents of children attending Dexter Schools, the Dexter City Council has begun the process of getting newer, safer crosswalks installed in Dexter, especially at places where students cross the road before and after school. The pressure has come from the belief that the road crossings in Dexter are unsafe, with children being the most vulnerable. This belief has been proven true by a study performed by the engineering firm Midwestern Consulting, which found that certain roads in the city provide insufficient gaps in traffic to safely cross. To help combat this problem, the City Council has hired another engineering firm, OHM. Their duties include analyzing and mapping Dexter’s streets in order to develop a plan of action when it comes to improving crosswalk safety. Also under development is a sidewalk on Forest Road. The final goal for this project is to have better road crossings before the start of the next school year.

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