FITLIFE by North Shore Gym

This 28 Day fitness and lifestyle Challenge is about taking charge of your choices in exercise and nutrition. As the days become longer and the sun rays become stronger, it is the perfect time to make smart decisions that will help you achieve your next fitness goal!

To create change we must follow some rules to keep us focussed and on track. Our FITLIFE Challenge is all about providing you with this structure for the entire 28 days.

Smart, clean and fresh food choices are essential to creating change. Be prepared, be flexible and be excited!

FITLIFE by North Shore Gym App

To keep you engaged and following the correct path, we have developed an app to be your support throughout the 28 days.

FITLIFE by North Shore Gym will provide Daily Fitness Challenges, a diary to record how you powered through the day, the good & bad for your nutrition, many recipes to try, fitness articles, a chance to upload photos and questions to our FITLIFE forum to get answers to those confusing questions you may have....and links to our social pages to keep you up to date with the latest at North Shore Gym.

How does FITLIFE work?

FITLIFE by North Shore Gym will be your focus for 28 Days. You will complete your Daily Fitness Challenge, record in your Diary and make smart and healthy food choices throughout.

At the start of the Challenge you can record your numbers and results of our fitness tests., These we see as a benchmark for moving forward in your lifestyle. You will revisit these vitals at the end of the Challenge and see how awesome you have been.

Daily Challenges will help take you further in your fitness journey!

REGISTER for FITLIFE 28 Day Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

Follow the link below to register yourself for the 28 Day Challenge that your body will thank you for!

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