The Life and Works of William Shakespeare

His Life before being “The Bard”

  • Born in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 23rd, 1564. (Above)
  • Attended the Stratford Latin School where he learned Latin and the “classics.” (Above)
  • Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway (Below) on November 28, 1582 and they had three children: Susanna (1583); twins Judith and Hamnet (1585).
Anne Hathaway:
  • He later moved from Stratford to London to act. He doesn’t return for 20 years.
  • From 1578-82 (school to marriage) and 1585-92 (birth of children to image as great player), periods referred to as his “lost years.” No one knows about him during this time.
  • By 1592, Shakespeare was established as an influential playwright. A few plays were popular by this time.
  • In 1593, the Earl of Southampton sponsored Shakespeare and funded his work.
  • At this time, he wrote many of his sonnets.
  • He acted in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men Company, mostly at the Globe theater, and in front of Queen Elizabeth many times.
  • He continued his writing throughout this time, creating all of his plays and poems during the next 20 years.
  • He dies with great prestige on April 23, 1616.

His Greatest Accomplishments

  • Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets, all critically acclaimed, during his lifetime.
  • He received his own coat of arms because of his reputation in 1596.
  • Classes based on his writing are the only “universal” classes taught in university English programs around the country.
  • For nearly 500 years, he has been considered the greatest playwright of all.

Sources for his Plays

  • Shakespeare was a master of character and not of plot.
  • He borrowed stories from other sources and brought them to life with his own character creations.
  • Classic literature- Ancient Greek and Roman authors, like Homer and Ovid
  • Medieval literature- Chaucer particularly
  • Biblical texts- Old and New Testament
  • Historical accounts

His Types of Plays

  • History- chronicles the history of England, highlighting main events and glorifying Queen Elizabeth
  • Comedy- deals with earning a happy life: love (sex and marriage), relationships
  • Tragedy- looks at the unhappy half of life: death, war, disease, and the mental meltdown of men


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