Video gaming experience and advice Samuel Lim

Parents see video game violence as the results of violent behaviors, but the children don't copy attitudes from their video games.
Starting from basic violence of cartoon characters to extreme violence with blood and weapons, are used for entertainment

We see violent video games only for fun entertainment for children and teenagers. The parents need to find other ways to limit video game hours so this would not destroy their studying habits.

Video games are okay but so is outdoor games, so when doing something fun, outdoor games can help children get more energy than indoors.
  1. Children and teenagers' minds are still in growing development until they reached age 24.
  2. Good for break times for less than an hour, after studying for four to six hours.
  3. Playing video game violence will reduce children's minds after long hours of studying, before stress increase.
Let the child play video games...

Unless his or her parents say it is okay. The children have to do homework first and then one hour of video game violence. Also playing video game violence can be good for family fun night.

discipline your children carefully or else...

Children with good education and discipline can help save parent's child from video gaming addiction but without parental support, video game violence will turn the child aggressive.



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