The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Chapter 3: A universal civilization? Modernization and westernization

In this chapter, Huntington introduced the term ‘universal civilizations’ which means that the cultural coming together of humanity and the increasing acceptance of common values, beliefs, orientation, practices, and institutions by peoples throughout the world. This means that some parts of each culture aren't important. However some are. Some have the same morals, and some don’t.

An example of a religion having the same morals would be murder being evil. Murder will always be evil because that is just how we were raised. Another concept of a universal civilization would be the fact that some assumptions, values, and doctrines are held by many people in the Western Civilization. This means that some countries try to base some of the listed off ours. An example of this would be our language. More people try to learn our language rather than other languages just because of how powerful we are compared to others.

In this chapter, the Davos Culture was also mentioned which is when a group of thousands of businessmen, bankers, government officials, intellectuals, and journalists meets in Davos, Switzerland to share their beliefs in topics such as individualism, market economies, and political democracy which are pretty relevant in the Western Civilization. I never really knew about this until I read the book. It reminds me of the illuminati.

Honestly Mr. deBruin, this chapter was the most confusing. I am trying my hardest to pull out certain key points but I can’t take anything out of it. The concepts of this chapter are very hard. This whole assignment was just hard. I made it harder on myself though because I left my book at school.

Huntington, S. P. (1996). The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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