Technology and the Nearing of the Singularity: a New Panhellenism? WHITNEY JORDAN ADAMS & OCTAVIYANTI WAHYURINI

We are interested in the relationship and intersection between the ideas of technological advancement and a "singularity," and that of Panhellenism.

Panhellenism was the concept of political harmony among the Greek states focusing on "unity".

As a concept, Panhellenism was under the guise of being progressive promoting Greek unity.

However, this unity allowed for significant 'Othering' in terms of non-Greek "barbarians" and Greek tribes (Bakaoukas).

Technological advancement, like Panhellenism, is oftentimes seen as progressive entity and one that promotes unity. Therefore, we are making this connection.

The intersection of Panhellenism and the Singularity has the ability to delineate certain groups, therefore promoting 'Othering'.

So you might be wondering why this relationship and intersection is tantamount?

We are looking at the singularity as aggressive technological advancement coupled with the eventual immortality of human kind.

The issue will be a majority of world population being left out of this Post-human landscape.

Regional Internet Penetration Figures on January 2016

According to the survey conducted by Indonesian Association of Internet Service Provider in October 2016, the number of Internet user in Indonesia is 132,7 million people from the total population of 256,2 million people.

92,8 million people in Indonesia access internet from mobile phone

The majority of internet users in Indonesia is in Java Island, which is 86,3 million people.

While the most places in Indonesia is being left out because of the lack of infrastructure and inadequate internet connection hence the number of internet users on those areas are less than 16%.


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