New England Colonies Henry F.

Reason for founding

New England was founded by the English. England's reason for founding was because they wanted religious freedom and wanted to purify the Church of England. The English also valued education so they built a school named Harvard.

Harvard University


New England has rocky coastlines by the beach. The winters in New England are long and very cold. So that means New England has shorter growing seasons. Speaking of growing crops New England has Rocky soil which isn't ideal for growing crops. New England a lot of trees. It's pretty easy to catch fish because they are right on the coast.

The rocky soil

Economy (How people made money)

The New England colonies made money by shipbuilding, logging, fishing, whaling. shipbuilding is basically ship-building which is where they build ships. logging is basically cutting trees and preparing the timber. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what fishing is and if you don't then i'll tell you. Fishing is catching fish and eating them if you want. Whaling is hunting for whales and using there meat and blubber.

More about New England

Gillette Stadium

There are many things to do in New England instead of looking at history. You could go to a New England Patriots game at Gillette stadium. Gillette stadium is located in Foxborough. Patriots have an amazing legacy with 6 super bowls won. There is many other sports attractions such as going to a Boston Celtics game, a Boston Bruins game or even go to a Boston Red Sox game. If you aren't interested in sports you could take a ferry from Massachusetts to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard. There are many more attractions you could do but these ones are recommended by me.

"Where there's many attractions and you'll have satisfaction."

Come to New England!

New England
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