The Marketing Planning Process Stage 1 - the marketing audit

The Marketing Audit will provide marketing managers with a snap shot of what is happening now in the organisation and should provide a clear idea about where the organisation is now and where it can go next (Blythe 2012)

You must first consider the micro environment, which is made up of the following:

You should now consider an organisation of your choice and analyse its micro environment using a SWOT Analysis. As you complete this you should try to understand their strengths and weaknesses, identifying any possible opportunities for them to exploit or threats to be aware of. You should take this one step further by highlighting what you feel are the key factors influencing the organisation at this current time and how they are likely to have an impact on them in the future.


Includes factors that can influence society as a whole, and although cannot be fully controlled by an organisation, Blythe (2012) suggests that the organisation can influence some elements of it, through positive public relations. In order to analyse the elements of the macro environment organisations can use a tool known as the PEST analysis.

PEST is an acronym that stands for POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIO-CULTURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL, as outlined in lecture 2.

Following the details and examples given in lecture 2, you should now analyse the macro environment surrounding a sports organisation of your choice. Complete a PEST analysis and identify 2 or 3 key factors that are currently significant to that organisation. You should explore the impact that these factors are having on the organisation i.e. do they offer opportunities or are they a threat to the business?

STRETCH AND CHALLENGE - Think about how the organisation should react to such factors, what should they do next?


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