Oceans By: Sophie Fulton

Oceans are beautiful and fun but you must not ever drink the water for it can have dangerous effects on your body. Click the link below to read more!

It may not seem like the oceans are that important, but the oceans around the world are crucial to life here on Earth! Click the link below to learn about its importance!

The ocean also plays an important part in the Earth's weather as well! Click the link below to read more about how oceans relate to weather.

The Sunlit Zone is from 0 ft - 656 ft which means it has little pressure. It is warm here because this zone gets the most sunlight and is home to many animals. Seals, sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, etc live and thrive in this zone.

The Twilight Zone ranges from 656 ft-3,280 ft and because there is a deeper depth there is more pressure here. There is less light here and the water is colder because of that. No plants live her but many different species of animals live her including jellyfish, octopuses, and squid.

The Midnight Zone ranges from 3,280 ft. - 13,123 ft. Because the water is so deep the pressure continues to increase, and now there is no light. The temperature is increasingly colder as well. Animals such as Viperfish, Anglerfish, and snipe eel live here as well, all the animals here are blind.

The Abyssal layer ranges from 13,123 ft - 19,685 ft. The temperature is cold here and there is a lot of pressure here. Animal that live in this zone do not have backbones (Ex: Blind shrimp)

The Hadal Zone ranges from 19,658ft - 36,197 ft. The pressure here is extreme and temperature is almost freezing. Sea cucumbers live here.

You can get many resources here. Click the link below for more information!


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