Denise ready as ever

Always be present. Always be ready.

Always be available, because you never know when or how opportunity will present itself.

I only know that if you do the first two things…be present and be ready… opportunity is yours because opportunity always seeks a willing partner.

For the first 17 years of my life I lived in Jamaica. It is a beautiful island, but a hard place to live. There is little hope when you are surrounded by poverty.

My mother and grandmother were determined to make sure my destiny would be different. They prepared me throughout my childhood to be ready to leave and to greet opportunity in the United States.

Only recently I came to understand that my father had equal influence creating the person I have become, but in different ways, as a guiding force.

School and learning were the most important part of my life when I was growing up.

I was a determined student who wore her Catholic school uniform like armor against all those who would hold me back.

At a young age I projected self-assurance which attracted the attention of adults who normally would pass me by without a thought.

In me they saw someone worth investing in and they gave me a helping hand. A ride to the bus stop in the early morning heat. Extra help at class time. Encouragement always.

I have always been small in stature, but never weak.

I stand up for myself whether my tormenter was a schoolyard bully or a college professor determined to put me in my place and keep me from achieving all I am meant to achieve.

For some reason in life there are those who will try to elevate themselves by trying to hold others down. It is their problem not mine.

The way around that attitude is through competence, confidence and a willingness to stand firm when you know you are right.

The heart of a warrior is always optimistic, because she is prepared. She is ready for whatever obstacle life places in her path. She is ready to convert challenge to opportunity. With her wisdom she finds happiness.

And she finds love everywhere.

Denise Rogers.


© Denise Rogers  ~ Dean Pagani Photography

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