OIM Online Identity Management: An in-depth guide to What the Heck it is.

Online Identity Management.


Rolls off the tongue doesn't it? But what is it?

Simply put, OIM is the combined effort of branding and social media marketing to take Small and Medium Enterprises from where they are now to a level of greater professionalism. Small and medium businesses in Sri Lanka hardly spend any time or money on their branding and execute their social media efforts almost strictly in house. This is most often because there's very few designers and digital marketing companies (yep, that's us) who's rates can be afforded by SMEs AND provide comprehensive services.

That's where we come in.

Let's start off with Social Media.

Silent cries for help from SME's can't be heard. Anywhere. *whispers* They're silent.

Social Media? Wut. I have a page already.

If you're an SME owner, then you know how hard it is to get things rolling. Sales don't come easy and it's a constant firefight to keep going, especially if your product is a niche, and localized. TV, radio commercials and endorsements are so far out of your budget, you need a telescope to catch a glimpse of them. Word of mouth marketing has always been the most powerful type of marketing but you only know so many people and you've already spoken to all of them.


With a loudspeaker.

Yet your inbound sales remain withering - your business' Facebook page has a few thousand followers but they barely like or comment on the stuff you post and almost never share. Paid advertising gets the job done but once a campaign is completed, engagement and reach slowly wither away again.

and you don't understand why a product or service as awesome as yours isn't going viral or at least getting more than a few measly likes.


- Distressed client 36 (2017)

Chill client doesn't care

It's not you. It's Me.

- Facebook

No, we aren't breaking up with you. The issue is with Facebook and it's Newsfeed algorithm. We'll explain, but first, let's do a little Maths. (OH GOD)

There're approximately 5 million people on Facebook in Sri Lanka

92% of them are below the age of 45 and 78% of them are below 35

3 million of the 5 million are from Colombo (The age demographics replicate, more or less)

Say each user in Sri Lanka posts once a day. That's 5 million posts fighting it out on Facebook's algorithm to earn a spot on your Newsfeed. You see about 1500 of them a day.


That's it. Out of 5 million posts buzzing around, a meager 1500 of them find themselves on your page. That's 0.03% or 3 in every 10,000. Those odds are a little overwhelming, aren't they?

"Do I cross or stop? Wut?" - Social Media can be confusing at times too!

Now keeping those numbers in mind, let's not forget business' do successfully drive traffic on their social media into successful conversions but obviously, there's more than a little work that goes into it. The gist of the matter is how do we sneak a post or two into the Newsfeed of those who could use your product or service at minimal cost?

How do you make sure that your business' post is one of those posts?

Well simple. Posting content that your audience wants to see (not necessarily about your business) in a timely manner is one thing that you need done. Replying to messages and comments and curating everything that happens on your page is another, and we could go on but where's the fun in that?

But we hope you see that a well thought out Social Media strategy is a necessity to growing a small business.

Want to know more?

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