Year in Review 2019 MVLA High School Foundation Funding Highlights by the Numbers

Thank you for a great 2019!

We can't wait to see what 2020 brings

197 Tutors Available

Tutors are available to help everyday, every period and even after school! It is hard to predict when your student may need a bit of extra help, and having this service available is something special within the MVLA District.

This year, the Tutorial Centers provided extra support for seniors with Essay Days, which were well attended.

1 Science Tech

Amanda Terry splits her time between Los Altos and Mountain View High Schools, setting up labs and maintaining laboratory supplies and equipment.

2,000+ Chromebooks

Chromebooks are available to every student who needs one, providing equal access to technology to ALL students. WiFi assistance is also available for students in need.

2 EXTRA Library Hours each day

Extended Library hours gave students a place to study, do research and collaborate after school.

19 Innovative Learning Grants

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1 Additional Therapist at each Campus

Wellness is a priority and the Foundation, PTSAs and the District work together to provide wellness services to the students and staff. The Foundation funds an additional CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council) Therapist at each school site to support students.

Over 550 Senior Appointments

It has been a busy fall in the College and Career Center (CCC). Our College Counselors met one-on-one with over 550 seniors, and our CCC Coordinators worked with drop-in students as well as planned events.

50+ Colleges attended the College Fair

Students took advantage of the College Fair to discover colleges that aligned with their interests.

90+ Colleges held Info Sessions this fall

College Information Sessions in the College and Career Centers gave students a chance to learn about specific colleges and decide if they would like to apply. Presenters are often the same person who read student applications.

193 Colleges in 36 States and 7 Countries

MVLA Grads were successfully launched to colleges and jobs around the world! The Naviance platform enables students, parents, and counselors to easily research career and college choices.

We are within $232,989 of our goal!

THANK YOU to all the MVLA donors, teachers and administrators who make our schools a place for students to thrive!