Japanese Scociety By: Haylee Churchwell

Culture: Only 15% of the land is good enough for farming, they had plenty of rain which helped the rice and other crops grow. Japan is located right next to the ocean so they have a lot of fish.

Another benefit from the ocean was the ocean helped protect from foreign invasions. Some dangerous landforms are: earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves. Japanese islands had very few natural fuels like coal and oil.

The founder of Buddhism was Buddha, he was born in India not Japan, when Shotoku promoted Buddhism it helped the religion spread all throughout Japan.

Soon enough Japanese just blended all of the religions.

The Japanese social structure was like a pyramid.

Powerful clans were first. The majority of the Japanese scociety were common workers. Then there was the slaves who worked for the nobles.

China's influence on Japan was huge. They had a influence on their writing system, for example, they added to sounds in language. For art they added themes, and landscape painting.

The neighbors of Japan are China which had a huge influence, and Korea. Both countries influenced Japan's society.

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