Happy New Year! In spite of so many challenges that were faced by all in 2020, there are so many things about last year to be be grateful for. Most recently, our new campus in East Rockingham hosted its first worship service on Christmas Eve, with 61 people in attendance! As a church, we were able to bring hope and Christmas Light to others in our church family and throughout the valley with the Drummer Boy Offering (which totaled over $45,000!). Don't ever forget about the many impacts and new connections that were made through Best Week Ever & through Need a Neighbor!

During the year in which we paid off our building, we were once again reminded that the church is not a building but rather a people! We learned new rhythms of flexibility in our worship services and even in our Life Groups. We realize that not all of the challenges are behind us, but we're grateful for the ways in which we've grown and learned. We're also grateful for our refreshed awareness of our dependence on Jesus for everything!

More than ever, our valley (and our world) needs for the church to be the church, in and out of the building, online & offline. In our worship and in our service, let's embrace the mission of God's church together as we move forward!

Discover Your Church- A single session course designed to help you understand what ‘engagement’ at Church of the Nazarene looks like, we’ll explore our core beliefs as Nazarenes and how those impact our daily living as a church family. This course is required to become a member. If you are not ready for membership but consider us your church, then we strongly encourage you to attend!

Digital Course (ONLINE)- February 9, 2021 7:00pm (Tuesday)

We have materials to put together for each attendee. If others are attending the class with you, we prefer that they sign up separately. Thank you!

Soft launch Sunday officially happens on January 17th. While our public campus launch is not scheduled until February, we'll begin training our volunteers (and ourselves) in our new location with new equipment and having worship services in January. Continually keep our East Rock campus in your prayers in all of 2021 as we bring hope to others in a 'new to us' zip code! Come see us!

Questions? Let us know!

Remember Midweek?

Throughout the month of January, as we get ready for the Winter/Spring semester of Life Groups, join us online each Wednesday night at 7pm on Facebook Live for conversations about the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives.

Giving our ‘tithe’ means giving the first 10% of our income. When we give, we aren’t just giving to God, we are acknowledging that everything we have is God’s to begin with: it’s from Him. All we are, everything we have is a gift from Him, and tithing is our opportunity to proclaim that God provides. It is our opportunity to declare that we have confidence that He will continue to meet our needs. We give out of surrender and obedience to Christ to further His mission. If you ever need assistance with online giving, accessing your giving statement, or other questions related to giving, please don't hesitate to reach out (540.434.1092). We are here to help and happy to do so!
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