Mountain,Sands & Snow July 2011

This was my 4th trip with LightChase Photography( Mark Rasmussen .

Telephone :(847)828-3836

663 Noth Prairie , Galesburg,Illinois 61401

Total of 21 trips with him since Fall of 2009

Excellent photographer, great hand-on instructor with easy going, approachable personality.

Lot of travel experiences and full of knowledges of lighting and weather.

Young and enthusiastic, watching weather changes day and night. No on/off hours. Take the group out any time of the day in any conditions.

One-man operations, flexible and reasonable in cost.

All inclusive ( lodging, transportation and snacks ) except traveling expenses and meals .

Small and wonderful groupings, great chemistry among the participants.

Our first stop for this tour was Rocky Mountains N.P.

Trail Ridge ,RMNP
Animals in RMNP
Rock Cut, RMNP

Bear Lake

Beaver Meadows,RMNP

Wild flowers in RMNP
Tundra in Ute Trail

Next stop was the Great Sand Dunes N.P. Through Denver and Colorado Springs and quick stop at the Garden of Gods.

The Great Sand Dunes N.P. sprawl across southern Colorado's San Luis Valley, between San Juan and the Sanger de Cristos mountains.

Great Sand Dune N.P.
Great Sand Dunes

Booked the lodging for two nights,after morning shoots the second day, smog developed unexpectly,since not ideal for photography,Mark was willing to forfeit the motel fees and moved us on to next destination--Snowy Range Scenic Byway,located at southern Wyoming,29 miles long and 8000 feet high.

Snowy Range, Wyoming

Lake Marie

Thanks for watching

List of my Trips with LightChase Photography

  • 2009-09 Glacier N.P.
  • 2010-07 South Eastern Utah.
  • 2011-01 Southern California.
  • 2011-07 Rocky Mountains,Great Sand Dunes,Snowy Ranges
  • 2011-11 Zion,Bryce,Grand and Antelope Canyons
  • 2012-07 Glacier N.P.
  • 2012-10 Nova Scotia
  • 2013-02 Sequoia,King and Yosemite N.P.
  • 2013-09 Lake Superior Circumvent
  • 2013-12 Sands,Ruins and Trains Near 4 Corners
  • 2014-02 Iceland in Winter
  • 2014-04 Desert Bloomsin Joshua Trees,Antelope Valley,Death Valley and California Coast
  • 2014-09 Alaska
  • 2014-11 Churchill,Manitoba
  • 2015-01 Yellowstone N.P. In Winter
  • 2015-07 Colorado High Country Anchilada
  • 2015-10 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
  • 2016-01 Canadian Rockies in Winter
  • 2016-03 Arizona Page and Desert Blooms
  • 2016-06 Iceland in Summer
  • 2017-03 Iceland and Lofoten Islands,Norway
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