Artathon Finding new Ways to accurately visualize complex biological data

  • Are you an artist who always dreamt to visualize the immune system?
  • A computer scientist that is interested in visualizations of high dimensional data?
  • A biologist who had enough of bar plots and pie charts?

Then you should come to the:


How can we visualize the population of cells in an immune system?

The study of biology is at a turning point. Novel experimental methods make possible high-throughput imaging and molecular measurement at the single cell and single molecule level over thousands and millions of cells. Along with the great promise these technologies bring, they also call for new approaches to catalyze the assimilation of this overwhelming wealth of data. With new tools to measure biological dynamics and diversity new questions arise. Questions of process that take into account changes in individual molecules in the context of cell behavior and changes in individual cells in the context of systemic responses to physiological change. However, to even start to define these questions we need new ways to look at the data in its full richness. We need to visualize what we have measured.

How do I go to Artathon?

We invite biology, computer science and design students to form interdisciplinary groups that will together help us create new methods for the visualization of the changes in individually characterized cell populations. Starting at 4pm on June 21st and going on till the evening of the 23rd we will convene at the new University of Haifa namal (port) campus at the top floor of the Dylan Tauber Building, Hanamal Street No. 16. There we will present and address six specific visualization challenges which will together ask - “How can we visualize the relationships of populations of cells in an immune system?”

To register for the Artathon please follow this link

Don't wait!

The Artathon is free but thanks to the pandemic 30 people at most can attend at any one location. register by June 1st to attend

(OK we may only check the lists on the morning of the 4th...)

Created By
Uri Hershberg


Uri Hershberg, Gur Yaari and Samadar Bergman