take a seat.

why are you here?

You're here because you're an executive, mostly likely one of the big C words (no not that C word!) Perhaps you're a CEO, CTO or a CPO …or maybe you're a particularly impressive Software Manager, Engineering Manager, or some other serious important person.

Either way you've worked incredibly hard to get to where you are, so sit back in our C-Suite, and we'll do the rest.

our bit.

We find impressive individuals who aspire to be in the top 1% of their field, or desire to be part of the leadership teams driving some of the best global companies.

What we want is a relationship (forward aren't we)

We want to get to know you, in a way that suits you and your busy lifestyle.

The chances are, we'll get along, maybe even find some things in common (we're techy too you know) and the better service we can provide to you as our candidate today, we hope to replicate with you as a client tomorrow.

your bit.

Chances are, at your level of techxpertise (see what we did there) you're probably not out of work and waiting by the phone.

Maybe you're simply window shopping to see what's out there, or perhaps you're not looking at all right now.

But the thing is - for you, we're happy to wait.

Whenever you're ready to take the next step, or even change direction altogether, we'll be here to deliver the best service, at the right time.

put your feet up.

Talent like yours doesn't grow on trees (trust us, we know!) so we will only present to you opportunities that are professionally tailored to you and your goals - not the clients.

...which could be another reason you're in our C-Suite, maybe you are ready, but if we don't have your dream job - then we're not!

the perfect match is worth the wait.

what happens next?

we're handing you over to Laura.

Laura manages the C-suite and will be your only point of contact, and don't worry - everybody loves Laura, plus she's not the type to chew your ear off. Tell Laura how often you'd like to know what's what, and she'll keep you in the loop.

so, make yourself comfortable.