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3 days 3,060 patients 11,489 prescriptions



Bobby and Sherry Burnette have worked in Haiti for more than 40 years.

They've built churches, schools, countless homes for the poor, an outpatient clinic, a malnutrition center, a birthing center (opening January 2019), a gorgeous orphanage that is home to 80+ children. They literally feed tens of thousands of people per year. This side of heaven, there is no quantifying the harvest of seeds sown.

A minimum of four times a year, they travel deep into the mountains of Haiti bringing medical care to the poorest of the poor.

When the road ends, they keep going. For hours, they travel treacherous mountain trails (to call these "roads" is an exaggeration). Behind them, a caravan of medical providers follow with thousands of prefilled medication packets, food, water, interpretors, tents for sleeping, and security for protection.

For more information about Love A Child's mobile medical clinics, please visit www.LoveAChild.com

LAC mobile clinics are highly efficient, geared for treating several hundred people a day.

After a family sees a medical provider, they head over to the pharmacy.

They patiently wait for their medications.

Next comes wound care and eye exams. If a dentist is part of the medical team, tooth extractions are provided.

The final stop is ministry. Everyone has an opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel and make a decision to surrender their life to the Christ who gave His life for them.

Here at home, the "good news" of the gospel (if we are honest) isn't as BIG to us as it is to the poor, the starving, the homeless, to those with no option for medical care, whose babies suffer no relief from fever or colic or treatment for burns after falling into the cooking fires. Yes, we see kids on these trips with severe, disfiguring, never-treated burns for this very reason.

We see people with crooked legs and twisted arms because no one was there when they fell and bones broke.

People die because they have no clean water to drink, no roof under which to huddle when it rains, and no food to keep their babies from crying at night.

Can you imagine having so little food that your children never achieve normal height? What must it do to a mama's heart to watch her toddler's hair turn orange and belly swell because there is no food?

To these people, the good news of the gospel truly is GOOD NEWS. The hope of eternity looks different; it means more. A life up ahead without suffering or pain or freezing nights in the high mountains without a coat or blanket. An eternity with a heavenly Father whose love for them is greater than their deepest suffering.

Yes, the gospel truly IS good news to these people.

I met a woman this trip who was kind enough to let me take her picture.

She showed me the inside of her tarp shelter. She had no furniture. She slept on a hard dirt floor. She asked me for nothing except to see her picture in the window of my camera.

Before we left, I gave her my sleeping bag. The bag cost me $15. It seemed like a good trade. I got a picture. She got a lifetime of no more sleeping in the dirt.

I wish I had a million sleeping bags.

The FACES of those we served

The team registered patients into the late night hours.


Britni (pharmacy)
Cassie, RN
Donnie and Hank (patient traffic)
Rachael (LAC photography and filming)
Kaeli (LAC missionary) and Lulu (pharmacy)
Oriol (LAC photography and filming)
Billie, Rachel, Chance, RNs
Shawna, RN
Dr. Edmond
Jupanou, Security
Dr. B.
Pastor Joseph
Madame Nini, Mademoiselle Whislien, Madame Tinklin (cooks EXTRAORDINAIRE)
Dahlia, pharmacy nurse
Daniel (in charge of interpretors)
George (all things good)
Philemon (the BEST driver in Haiti)
Berry (security)
Dieuferly (LAC photographer) and Jovanie (pharmacy nurse)
Joker (the man who can fix anything)
Janice (pharmacy)
Laura, RN
Donnie and Debbie Click

The beauty of HAITI is as breathtaking as it is heartbreaking.


No hotels where we go!

She was a neat one.

For more info about the work LAC does in Haiti, or to sign up for a trip, please visit www.LoveAChild.com. Thank you!

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