Loss and Trauma how to deal with it

Draining the water

Losing something or someone important to you can be very hard, however overcoming it can be made much easier using certain techniques

Try thinking of your mind as a lightbulb, but filled with water, representing the "flooding" of overwhelming feelings we get when we experience loss

Your goal after reading this is to drain the water out of this lightbulb, by getting more positive thoughts anchored to the plug and pulling it out of the lightbulb

Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it's overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim

Making the chain

Stay close and talk to your friends and family

In order to drain the water you first need to make a strong chain. To do so, for every negative thought or feeling, think of two positives. Each time you over come a negative with two positives you'll make a chain link

One of the most important things when getting over these hard times are friends and family. Talking to someone about your feelings is the best thing you can do, if you don't feel comfortable talking to someone close then there are plenty of helplines and websites that you can visit to talk to people your age going through the same thing

Focus on doing things you enjoy and spending time with the ones you love

Activities to help

Make a shield of strength
  • Cut a shield shape out of a piece of paper and divide it into four sections
  • Label the four sections "self", "best", "friends" and "family"
  • Each section will be a spider diagram
  • Fill each spider diagram with the postitives of yourself, your family or whatever section you're doing

Professionals suggest to get a new pet to help you grieve and give you comfort

Such as a puppy

Or a kitten

Start a new hobby

Starting a new hobby can help distract your mind, make new friends, and uplift your mood. Think of a sport ot hobby you've always wanted to do, start doing it then progress and achieve. Write down everything positive you gain from your new hobby as well the achievements

There are so many things you start doing such as; football



Or something more adventurous such as horse riding

The process takes time

Don't be afraid of the pain you feel during this time or how long takes

Nobody said making this chain would be easy but by doing everything I just said and with the support of friends and family, the process will be easier and your happiness will be achievable

Pulling the chain

Pulling the chain is the long part, but that doesn't mean it's impossible

After doing these activities and talking to your friends/family over a few months

The pain should start to ease, I like to think of this as your chain being pulled

And eventually the water in your lightbulb will be gone like our original goal

From this...

To this

I really hope this page has helped you, and just remember that even if this page didn't - talk to people because that's the best thing you can do. Thank you for reading :)

Those we love don't go away - they walk beside us everyday


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