Gender? Rudy Moreno, Hynacie Salinas, Eli Duran, Julia Arreola, Johnathan Coranejo

“Gender Identity” has grown to be way out of control. It used to be male or female but now people get offended for calling them such a thing. A perfect example is a high school student who was told to get out of the men’s restroom by a young man because their appearance was that of a female. This individual was referred to as a transgender non-binary meaning they are neither male or female but a little bit of both. This individual got offended for the young man saying that they did not belong in that restroom, so after a process of talking to the school they now get to go to the gender neutral bathroom that the staff members use.

In some cases publicity is needed for a issue to be heard, But that issue is not taken seriously when the community who is trying to be heard for their goal has people creating a bad image for that very community. These people are the ones that create scenes or even embarrass their community by provoking people that disagree with them. When this commonly happens within the group members, it creates a stereo type that is not usually a good one. ----Rudy Moreno

Julia Arreola

Over the course of time, America was not as equal as it is today. Even to this day there are moments where it shows inequality. Gender identity has been one of the key points in America’s past, with people fighting for their rights to be treated equally no matter their gender or sexuality. There have been a multitude of victims who have gone through the changes.

I believe that everyone should have the equal amount of rights and should be treated like as if they were this so called “normal American”. Since the 1880’s people were treated extremely different for their gender, being the women who were seen as weak or less efficient to work. To even being sexualy harrased, or being punished in a multitude of ways just for being homosexual. If you compare those time to today, then there is a major difference, and America has came a long way with allowing gay marriages, women who have became successful icons, people not being treated different for being homosexual. The change primarily started to occur between the mid 1950’s and early 1960’s, with a lesbian organization forming in San Francisco known as the Daughters of Bilitis or D.O.B, and Illinois becoming the first state to decriminalize homosexuality by repealing their sodomy laws. The “D.O.B” hosted private social functions, police raids, threats of violence, and discrimination in bars and clubs.

In December 15 of 1973, there was a vote in which whether the American Psychiatric Association would remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. After the poll being held it was 5,854 to 3,810 there for the so called “mental disorder” was taken down from the list. In the 1940’s women took a big leap for when it came to jobs. During that time men were at war and left companies and shops with no employees, so the woman came along to take over. Now even though at that time they were working, they weren't being paid right what so ever. After the war men took back most of the jobs, and women still had jobs but not as much as men did.

America to this day had became strong with the freedom of homosexuals and even though gender identity has been one of the key points in america’s past, with people fighting for their rights to be treated equally no matter their gender or sexuality. After so much fighting back they were able to get the rights and opportunities they truly deserved.

Jonathan Cornejo

This country has faced gender identity problems for a multitude of years now. For as long as the american people can remember, people have been treated differently through actions, words, or in other situations. Most of the years were men having more power over women with it being work, money, or politics. While on the other hand, the women had to fight for their rights and what they believed they truly deserved.

For me my opinion is for the women. Starting with the work problems, the fact being that men have ruled the work industry for a multitude of years, and quite frankly since the U.S became its own independent country. I believe a mass shift in the job industry occurred during the 1940’s during world war 2. Considering that most of the men if not all were at war, there was no men workers meaning the women had to take over the job position for that period of time. Now just because they were working didn’t mean they completely replaced the men, the women were still paid less and sexually harassed.

As I had mentioned before, women were paid less for reasons being that men felt that they knew that women were not as fit for work, not as efficient as men, and just because at the time women weren’t your iconic worker. It was around the year 1848 when women stood up for their own rights. This movement is known as the women’s rights movement, and they had a multitude of request, but my key point was they wanted better pay. Now when it came to politics, it was the same story. Men thought it wasn’t right for women to be able to make such decisions for politics.

I believe that women have always had the potential to reach the top. Since women have received those rights, there have been plenty successful women who have impacted our country. People have been treated differently through actions, words, or in other situations, but most of the years were men having more power over women with it being work, money, or politics.

How has gender been defined over the course of 1880-2015

In the past, gender has been defined as the physical characteristics or appearances of a person that makes them either male or female. More recently, the definition has changed to become more about how an individual perceives themselves in regards to their own sexuality, pushing away the scientific basis to how gender has been viewed historically. There is plenty of evidence throughout the course of 1880-2015 that this is true.

During the victorian period, 19th century, men were increasingly commuting to work, leaving wives at home to take care of domestic duties such as cleaning the house and taking care of the children. As men were commonly associated with working and taking care of financial duties such as bills, the women during this time era were expected to take care of the domestic duties because of the victorian belief in “Separate Spheres.” Separate spheres refers to the growing middle class ideology stemming from physiological characteristics of men and women, which meant that men were physically stronger while women were considered physically weaker but morally superior to men, making them better suited for domestic duties.

The 1900’s women were requesting the same rights as men. In this process during the second world war men were off fighting, which left a lot of job openings that women took advantage of and filled. The war lasted 6 years from 1939-1945, so when the men came back women were again kicked out of the workplace. Women didn’t appreciate that so in the 1960’s there was a women’s rights movement which helped women get their own rights to jobs, not being sexually harassed, and even equal pay. In 1963 congress passed a law for equal pay for men and women and in 1964 you were not able to discriminate based on gender, this was pointed towards women so that you couldn’t not hire a women because of her gender opening up a lot of jobs for women.

Finally in the 21st century, the entire idea of gender has changed to gender identity which is how you feel or perceive your sex to be. The exact definition of gender identity is in fact “The external appearance of one’s gender identity, or usually expressed through behavior, clothing, haircut or voice and which may or may not conform to socially defined behaviors and characteristics typically associated with being either masculine or feminine”. A perfect example would be Bruce Jenner who is now Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner had felt a lot of feminine urges really making him feel like a woman. After a course of 50 years Bruce Jenner finally expressed his feelings to the world feeling like a woman and actually transitioning to one. He switched to the opposite sex because he felt more feminine and felt that him becoming a women would better suit him. Another person who has gone through the same transition is Laverne Cox, a well known actress best known from starting in “Orange Is The New Black”. Due to these popular role models, the transgender community felt more comfortable with showing how they feel and let world know in 2014.

People are now more open to the changes of how people perceive themselves. Before there were consequences for the changes people went through and now others are open and are more accepting of those who wish to go through the change.Being gay or transgender was deemed as a disorder or deviant. Between the 1950’s-1970’s people did not know what to do with gays or transgenders. With that said they would put them in asylum's to try and make them “unlearn and get rid of their urges or misperceptions that misgendered their experience” according to During this day and age there is no punishment such as being put in an asylum for being gay or transgender.

In the book “Into the wild” a character named Alex goes into the wild for his own reasons. He goes with little to no preparations at all. In the first chapter, a truck driver stops to give him a lift to his destination. As the truck driver talks to Alex about surviving in the wilderness, he realizes that Alex doesn’t have the basic necessities of surviving in the wild. As he notices this he offers Alex some small things that could help him on his journey. If it was a women that was in Alex’s position many would have stopped her since you rarely see a women being strong or going out on her own into harm's way and being fearless. Women weren’t known for doing these explorations in 1900, people would have never thought a women would go on her own into the wild like Alex did in the year of 1992.



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