J/Vembadi Girls' High School TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE.

  • School days has it's own charm and a bunch of pleasure. That school days are one of the most joyful moments of existence, filled with many mysterious to solve and many fights to resolve.Vembadi was founded in 1834 and has a proud history.
Our school founder.
Rev.Dr.Peter Percival
  • He had a great desire to give girls the same education facilities as boys.Early Vembadi started with five girls at the mission house and he had a bus which go round and collect the childrens for education.It's worth while MR.Percival's┬áreflection on the girls' schoolers. His educational ideas are such as commend themselves to us even today.
Our school Logo

Vembadi is teaching us not only book learning, but how to equip ourselves for real practical life - how to do the hard work demanded of women every where today.one one least thing we are learning will not wasted.Srilanka still need woman who will DARE TO DO RIGHT

Most important.
  • Discipline is very necessary and highly valuable to the girls school. We need to follow the rules and regulation, obey others and behave well. It's gives lots of opportunities and right way to go ahead, and learn new things Because, without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful in the life.
She is unique
Miss.Mabel Thambiah

she is the Gods' boon of Vembadi as principal. She was appointed as the principal in 1949. Her 33 years of service begun in 1938 to 1971.She converted certain classrooms in to laboratory. In her period number on roll raised 500 to 2400.She was builder of character each girl should become a good citizen. She is the king maker of modern Vembadi.

WE WELCOME YOU ALL. Educational institutions are the true seats of learning. The students who are really anxious to learn, can develop good habits only in the schools. The educational authorities are highly satisfied in our school.
Jointed with love
Our Little Hatts off

Probably religion is one of the most important thing in our lives. The best place to teach religion is school because, Student can learn religion an effective way. The significant debate on religion in schools is becoming more heated. We want our hands jointed by relationship of love.

The climax of the war - In it's all - comprehensive dimension the mahabharata compres with, and owes its existence to the vedas. Economics, Sociology, Politics, Accountancy, the art of the war, Chemistry, Astronomy, - all this is included in here along with Philosophy and Spirituality.
The heart of the school
Mrs. Venuka Shanmugaratnam
Our present principal
  • She is an old girl from 1967 to 1976.She was appointed as the principal of Vembadi on 02.07.2011. She maintains strict discipline and is cordial with both staff and students. During her period, Vembadi was awarded first place for the best O/L and also awarded first place for the best A/L results at district level in 2012.
Our Second home

School is the place, where our characters are polished and shaped day by day. We need to have open mind to understand the people in the community and to know more about the world in which we live.

we proud
We can....
  • Opportunities is the key to provide a good environment for the students. The future success of the students are depends their opportunities and it has impact in every field of life. Now a days Opportunities are dynamic force in the life specially for girls.
Preparation for the exam - Exams necessary in the school to find out of the real skill, talents and knowledge of the students. Examination should be of a great advantage both of the student community and the society.
Golden girls

In studies, our school shows good results and figures merit list every year.Our School had a large part in their achievements. School is the opportunities to get best form every thing. We want very much our school and our teachers proud of us.

Playing is also important

Exams and results are part of the knowledge but sports are important because, they build a different personality which is requirement in the competitive world. It's not necessary that students must always win in matches, but they can learn many things for future.All time book and no play made a jack a dump boy.

Watering area
Please Making fresh
  • Making free fresh drinking water available for student is the most necessary. Providing water to students is very important; our students concerns about the safety of water.
Every body pick up rubbish
Let's clean our school. Making school cleaning the responsibility of students will significantly benefit the students character development and better prepare them for life. If we keep our school clean it would have very good reputation because, for a healthier school environment, For a richer educational experience.
but we want
Fear is the powerful motivator

Positive thing in the punishment is the quick execution. The student need to know the punishment is done out of love, not anger. There are no lingering feeling. The student doesn't suffer weeks of being grounded and Punishment should help maintain order in the classroom.

Please don't tell
We need...

Technology lessons allow in A/L students to be creative a new thing , developing new skill and understanding of how things are work with technology. Technology in A/Level can provides student with a wealth of knowledge which they can use in related there career. But......

Role models

Teaching is still considered as one of the most prestigious. Professions not only in the past of the world but also all over the globe. Teaching is the vital tool which guides the younger generation to wards the right channel to become the future leaders.

final touch
We are ready

An education is the most important goals for a person can pursue in their life. Knowledge is the power to live a life and power that bring respect and dignity. The education to the deserving ensures that future generation can step through these doors to better living, Finally We are ready to face the next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

If you want more.......

If you want more information about vembadi please visit our official website

  • www.vembadi.sch.lk, www.vembadi.sch/web, www,vembadi.sch/175 www.vembadi.sch.ict, www.vembadi scu.com/site, www.vembadi scu.com
Please Just a minute

WE NEVER FORGET , To dedicate us to our mother, To be a butterfly in active, To dare to do right, To add pround to our mother


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