Reflective Journal 8 Thomas cheshire

Monday - I didn't do anything on this day related to the work

Tuesday - I didn't do anything on this day related to the work

Thursday - Well today I've done a lot of work during the lessons and at home. Firstly I have worked on the UI for the abilities, I've been working on the animations for the main character like the fire punch and the boulder throw that Shawn has created but i put them together on Stencyl. I've also been working on Photoshop working on the animations for the abilities and I have also made a very simple piece of code which will constantly keep track of the players x and y so that i can use it to create the shield which will follow the player about and also the boulder when it spawns above the player and stays still for a second but I've still got alot to do, like the other abilities, the minions, the ai for the minions, the health bar and there are others but these are what's most important right now at this stage in the creation of the game. What I think went well with the UI is the images that I've created to put on them but what i don't think went well with them is that their kind of bland, just no colour at all makes it look not good and just too simple but what i could do to improve this is to add more colour into the UI to make it look better. What i think went well with the animations is how good they were created and put together but the huge thing that didn't go well is that it was created too small so in Stencyl i found a way around that by using a piece of code which grows the player so I've grew the player twice its size so I've found a way around that problem that has happened. All the pictures will be at the end of the Journal

The Fireball
The Boulder
The Ice Spike
The Wind Barrier
The Wind Barrier UI
The Ice Spike UI
The Fireball UI
The Boulder Throw UI

Friday - Well today has been my most productive day because I figured out a way to make a piece of code which causes the minions (Enemies) to follow my character, shoot in the direction of my character and also jump when it gets near a tile high block so it cant get stuck. I've also finished the abilities that is in the game which are the fireball, ice spikes, boulder throw and the wind barrier. Most importantly, I've created the coding for the health bar so that the character can die. What i think went well with the abilities is that i created the code for them in a matter of hours and they work perfectly with the timing with the animations but what i dont think went well was the time before i worked out the timing for it, it took so long to get the animations at a perfect time so that it can fit in with the coding which took a while, and when i was making the wind barrier it would glitch and the image would all turn into one so the animation for it was messed up. To fix these problems i could start with the timing on the animations then work it into the code and when im making the wind barrier i need to make sure the png images are perfect so that they dont glitch again. What i think went well with the minion coding is the fact that i created it from previous code that i made up in the past so that i could improve upon it in the future which i have done today but the thing that went badly is during the coding i had to set up small boolions so that the animation switching is perfect as well as the shooting since before i made a mistake where the moving and the shooting was wanting to happen at the same time so i had to set up a timer and a boolion so sort it out so it will be in order.

I have done a good amount of coding given I've only been doing this game for a week or 2.
This is the code that i created so that the minion will target my character to help make the game more interesting instead of mindless monsters shooting in random directions no where near the character.
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