Create Something Inspring One Day my images will inspire others

This image is a result of a concept that was inspired by a Facebook Group Page (Godox User Group). I really wanted to challenge myself creatively and also try something that has never been done on my small island of Bermuda. being isolated here there are quite a few things that are just not available to get quickly, cheaply or even temporarily (rented), so this was a big leap for me. I went big with the concept and purchased a 34' parachute to use as a dress or extension of the dress. This was new for me. I did some research online and the images gave me inspiration to really try and create epic looking images.

I had a model in mind, that I had shot before and really liked the way she posed and her personality was open and pleasant to work with. She saw the sketches and some sample images and was all of it with great excitement. I shipped the chute and made the preparations to shoot. I had a few extra hands on board to help as the chute was way bigger than I had expected.

I further challenged myself to shoot wide open, and with a high shutter speed, something I had not previously done. I used a Godox AD200 for fill which allowed me to shoot with a shutter speed of 2500/sec - 8000/sec.

This was very much a learning experience working with so much material, but I think overall the shoot was a success and has opened more possibilities in my original concept. This will be an ongoing project and I will challenge myself on each shoot and location for future shoots. Stay tuned as more from this series will be coming.

Equipment used: Nikon D3x, 50mm 1.4, Rokinon 85mm 1.8, Godox AD200, Silver Long Throw reflector. Model: Whitney Morfitt. Also three assistants to help with the chute.


Ivan Outerbridge Photography

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