1963 arrest of Martin Luther King when justice changed all

BACKROUND: Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta Georgia. Kings real name was Micheal but when he was 2 years old his dad changed it to Martin instead. Him and his wife Coretta Scott King have four kids together. When king was 12 he tried to commit suicide after his grandmothers passing. King skipped two grades in high school and began collage at the age of 15. James Earl Ray was the person who killed Martin Luther King.
DURING: The first time king got arrested was in 1955 while supporting the Montgomery bus boycott. In February 1965 King was arrested while protesting against voting rights violations in Selma, Ala. Between 1958 & 1967 king has been arrested 30 times for demonstring & participating in non e-violet protest against segregation. King led a massive march to bring attention to segregation & discrimination against black people. No matter how many times Martin got arrested he was doing it for the right reason. he fought for justice until his death in 1968.
AFTERMATH: Martin was knew for his civil rights accomplishment. in 1963 & 1964 King was awarded the Nobel peace prize at age 35. Today over 700 streets in the united states are named after King. On the third Monday of January everyone celebrated Kings birthday.


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