The Divine By Konnor mchale

The Emotional Experience: During the play, It seems as if it would make sense to me that most of the audience might be feeling a bit guilty. This is because of the exposure to both the church and the theatre. The play provides us, the audience, with an opportunity for katharsis due to it allowing us to take a look at some situations from the outside. I personally caught myself feeling bad for taking things for granted.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play helps provide us with a new way to see and understand our culture by giving a peak at what life was like for some people not too long ago. The central issue that is addressed in the play would be that Sarah Bernhardt is planning on going to perform in a play that sings the praises of adulterous love. By trying to convince her not to perform in the play, Brother Casgrain sends Talbot and Michuand to read her a letter asking her not to perform. When receiving the letter, this only seems to cause Sarah Bernhardt to become more anxious to perform in the play. There have never been any major things in my life that relate to the subject matter of the play.
The Social Experience: I attended the play with two friends and it definitely affected my experience positively. Although some friendly strangers may have also been a pleasure, friends allow us to analyze the scenes together and help bounce ideas for interpreting different things. To get ready for the performance, I spent some time with friends discussing what the play would be like. Shared experiences plays a role in the Good Life in a social manner by providing two people something to bond over. Being social may be part of the Good Life for some, so this could be an important part.
The Spatial Experience: The physical setting of the theatre seemed to enhance my experience overall. I enjoyed that the outside setting, while I attended the play, was cold and dark because it made the play seem a little more real. Upon entering the auditorium, I felt confident that the play would be a good one. My seat was very close to the stage, possibly enhancing the experience as a whole. When the lights dimmed I felt anxious to know exactly what the play was going to be about. The size of the auditorium did not play a positive role to me because I thought it was a little too small for the play. This part of the experience alone has an effect on the Good Life by setting someone's mood or keeping someone calm and relaxed.

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