graphic Portraits Vincent zhou

--Renaissance Portrait--




Original Portrait

Early Versions

Final Image


For this Renaissance Portrait, we were asking to create a portrait using a panting during the Renaissance, which is 1400 A.D. to 1700 A.D. I researched two artworks with the name “Last Supper” and one mural by Michelangelo which is called “Creation of Adam”. I also find some background and object that I’m interesting in. I have tried many combinations of my research and I decide to make my Renaissance Portrait with the man at right side of the “Creation of Adam”; the glasses on my face and a pillow as objects significant to me; also a room of Otaku as the background. The biggest problem I faced in this work is that the width of my face does not fit in the face in mural, so the leg of my glasses does not long enough to reach the ear. To solve this problem, I cut another piece of the leg of my glasses and stretch it to the length I need and put it on the old layers.

Mr. MelonHead

-- Surreal Portrait --





Original photo

Early saved versions


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